It’s been 45 days since we launched Zomato Treats in multiple cities, after a month-long pilot in Gurgaon. Treats is a membership program specially crafted for our users who love using Zomato Order to get food delivered home. As a Zomato Treats member you get a complimentary dessert, handcrafted by the restaurant’s chef, every time you order a meal from one of our partner restaurants in India or the UAE.


Why treats? Ever since we launched Zomato Gold for our users in the UAE and Portugal back in March, we’d been getting requests from our loyalest users in India asking what we had in store for them. While we’re lining up the launch of Zomato Gold in India soon, we wanted to start off by introducing something for our food ordering users first.

Buying a subscription in India lets you use it in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, and Ahmedabad. Buy it in the UAE, and you can use it in either Dubai or Abu Dhabi. That’s the beauty of Treats – you can order a meal online from a partner restaurant in any of these cities, and you will receive dessert with it. These desserts are, most of the times, the most popular desserts in a restaurant’s menu.

And to sweeten the deal further, Treats is priced at just ₹299 per year in India, and 39 AED for six months in the UAE! Zomato Treats is one of those things in life which are too good to be and true.

How’s it going? Today we’re delighted to announce that we’ve hit our first milestone with over 10,000 paid subscribers for Zomato Treats, and have already served over 80,000 complimentary desserts as part of the program! From Phirni to Brownies and Oreo Shakes to Detox Juices – our 2500 partner restaurants are delighting users with sweet surprises every day 🙂

We have already seen a ~25% jump in order frequency for members subscribing to Zomato treats and see this trend holding over time.


Talking about sweet deals here’s what a couple of our users have to say about Zomato Treats –


Zomato Treats has also been a significant lever in driving user retention for our partner restaurants.


Here’s what some of our restaurant partners have to say about Zomato Treats

“The response from customers using Zomato Treats has been great. We have seen a spike in orders, as well as an increase in the number of orders placed even by our existing customer base. This also gives us the chance to deliver a happy delight alongside great food to our customers.” – Kaushik Roy, Biryani By Kilo (Delhi, India)

“Zomato Treats has helped us acquire new customers. Our overall business has grown over 40%. I don’t think it’s only about the free item, it’s about people trying my food and coming back for more.” – Zuber Shaikh  Owner, Alishan Restaurant (Dubai, UAE)

“Zomato as a platform has been instrumental in generating orders for our delivery business. I would even go so far as to says it’s the best food online ordering platform for us. With the launch of this new feature – Zomato Treats we have been getting a lot more visibility and have seen a huge spike in the number of orders. We have already seen a 30% growth in orders, which we really appreciate.” – Sameer Gazdar, Bistro At Coffee Break. (Mumbai, India)

“Zomato Treats has turned out to be a pretty cool feature for us. We have a delicious Carrot Halwa so it’s a great way for people to try our dessert. Most importantly, we saw a massive increase in frequency of orders from our customers, as well as getting new customers.” – Tahir Shah (Owner), Moti Roti (Dubai, UAE)

“We’re very glad Zomato approached us with the opportunity to partner for Treats. Thanks to more visibility, we’ve been getting a lot more orders than before, and plenty of appreciation from our users. It’s a great platform for us to promote what we have to offer, and we look forward to continuing to grow with them.” – Anshu Raj, Caterspoint (Delhi, India)

In a nutshell, we’re super stoked to have created a product that our users love and our partners find immensely beneficial. We will report back when we hit the next milestone. Until then, please keep enjoying Zomato Treats.