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Deepinder Goyal | September 18, 2019 | 2 min read
What would Zomato sound like?

You think of food, you think of Zomato. Over the years, we have put in significant effort in building a distinctive visual signature for Zomato while building a deep connect with food. Today, we believe, a message from Zomato should be identifiable even without the wordmark.

As we were designing the new sushi design system we began wondering – how would you recognize Zomato if the ‘visual’ part was missing? Digital payments, behind the screen updates, voice enabled transactions – after all, the future is increasingly going to be sonic. In other words, what could Zomato sound like?

This question led us to ponder the aural part of our identity. Between white noise and the non-distinct beep-s and buzz-es, we sensed an immense opportunity to create an auditory palette to represent Zomato. A rather unique tune which would encapsulate both what Zomato stands for as a brand, and how millions of our partners and consumers feel while interacting with us.

To accomplish this goal, we roped in Brand Musiq, a dedicated sonic-branding agency for the task. Dipak Marwah and Rajeev Raja blended together the craftsmanship of savant-esque musicians with wisdom of grey-haired admen. A month of literal fine-tuning later, we are finally ready to jive to Zomato’s signature track, which is distinct and hummable.

It captures the excitement as well as the anticipation of a food delivery as well as the reassurance of a Gold unlock. The Zomato Originals brand in every video beats to this excitement too. This short yet riveting arrangement can now be heard on the latest Zomato app update (v14). Longer versions and adaptations of our mogo (musical logo) will soon feature in our audio-visual communications as we fully integrate our sonic identity. If you have enthu Zomans as friends, you’ll be hearing them flaunt the 20-second ringtone too.

Go ahead. Give it a listen. Sound on!

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