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Deepinder Goyal | September 27, 2019 | 1 min read
Hunt for the best UX feedback

“Perfection is a necessary myth.” – Anonymous 

We value user inputs because it’s a reminder of how we can keep improving. At Zomato, we strive for the finest in product design and aren’t wary of acknowledging that there is always scope for improvement.

We recently released our latest app update and it’d be an understatement to suggest that it features some of the biggest changes we’ve made to our platform. A majority of our users have shared encouraging feedback and are enjoying our many offerings, while there have been feedback that made us step back and take notes. Overall, it has been a fulfilling journey for all the team members involved in this process.

Taking this a step further, I am thrilled to introduce UX Teardown Challenge. And you will be dearly interested in this program if you are somebody with a keen background in Product.

The objectives of UX Teardown are as follows:

  1. Identify opportunities
  2. Substantiate design changes
  3. Identify technical issues
  4. Highlight UX improvements

Think of UX Teardown as a chance to highlight what Zomato can do better with its app. Simply put, you share your feedback to help us strengthen our next app update. The one with the most constructive feedback (covering all the 4 objectives) will be awarded a spanking new iPhone 11 Pro Max (actually, we can’t really think of a better reason to participate!). 

Send in your detailed entries at uxfeedback@zomato.com before 7th October, 2019.

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