Zomato Gold is a blockbuster hit beyond our expectations. We were optimistically expecting to sell 10,000 memberships over a week’s time – but sold multiple times more than that, in less than 2 days.

There are only a little over 1200 Zomato Gold partners as of now; and they are as excited as us about the initial success of Zomato Gold. Given the high number of subscriptions at launch, we had to stop accepting any new members for the fear that Zomato Gold subscribers might not be able to get a table at any of our 1200 restaurant/bar partners. These 1200 partners across Delhi NCR, Bengaluru and Mumbai were packed throughout last week, and some of them reported a 40% increase in utilisation during the week. Friday night was packed as well. In fact, our partners have been calling our teams sharing how they’ve been getting a high number of new customers because of Zomato Gold – our restaurant partners could not be happier.

We reached out to some of our restaurant partners to get their initial feedback on Zomato Gold. Here’s what they have to say –

We piloted Zomato Gold in Dubai and Lisbon 9 months ago, and we have learnt a whole lot on how to launch, manage and grow Zomato Gold. Our India launch is a testament to the great work put in by our team, and we look forward to launching Zomato Gold in more cities in India very soon.

We also ran a survey with some Zomato Gold subscribers, and asked them if subscribing to Zomato Gold will make them eat out more often than earlier. An astoundingly large percentage (87%) of the responders said “definitely yes”. We also asked them if a Zomato Gold subscription will actively restrict their going out behaviour towards Zomato Gold partners. An even larger number of respondents (94%) said yes. This is a huge win for our users, as well as our merchant partner base.

Here’s what some of our early adopters have to say about the Zomato Gold experience –

We will open up the subscription for a brief window of time next week, at a much higher price than the introductory price; while we continue working to ensure that Zomato Gold subscribers have great experiences when they use their membership.

A lot of restaurant and bar owners have also reached out to us since the launch of Zomato Gold, to enrol in the program. We are not accepting each and every request for enrolment, because we want to make sure that our users get the best choices under the program. However, as we add more members, we will proportionally increase the number of Zomato Gold restaurant partners out there.

Thanks everyone for the excitement around Zomato Gold. We hope we are able to create a one-of-a-kind blockbuster loyalty program for restaurants, as well as users alike.